Weathervanes by M.J. Stelk Designs
       Weathervanes have a long history dating back about 3,500 years. They have been fabricated from wood, iron, copper, and bronze. Over the past fifty years, the value of well-crafted antique weathervanes has skyrocketed. Weathervanes have gained the distinction of becoming one of the most valuable forms of folk art, and, no doubt, a wise investment. Unfortunately, many of the antique weathervanes found today are in serious disrepair. The ones that were made of wood are in various stages of disintegration. Many of the copper ones were mass-produced either by using a press to stamp out the two sides or by pressing the copper into a mold to create multiples of the same design. Either way they were soldered together which is a low-temperature weld and not very strong. Most of the copper weathervanes crafted today are created with the same methods.
       Our weathervanes have taken the craft to the next level and are designed to be passed down from one generation to the next. Each weathervane is hand-hammered free form without the use of molds, thereby making each creation one-of-a-kind. With oxygen and acetylene, our weathervanes are brazed together, which results in a much stronger weld than soldering. Our vanes are either three-quarter or full-bodied, meaning that we go beyond the concept of two sides. Our pieces are more three dimensional and therefore more intricate and sculptural. The compass points for our weathervanes are also individually handcrafted from brass and bronze. Designs and fonts for the compass points can vary for each weathervane depending on size and style.

Numbered Editions 
Custom Vanes