Marla J. Stelk

Stelk's heirloom quality work is created in the tradition of the age old art of repoussť. Using the same techniques of 1700's colonial craftsmen, she sculpts each creation from flat copper sheets. Hammers, chisels, and a torch are her tools of the trade which she masterfully uses to bring form, texture, and life to each work of art. All of her work is hand-hammered free form without the use of molds, so each piece of the whole receives her utmost attention to detail. It is a time and labor intensive process. Many of her designs are inspired by her love of nature and her interest in comparative religion and spirituality.

"My artwork is heavily influenced by mythology and spirituality;
exploring the mysteries of the universe through ancient beliefs and symbols."

Her portfolio includes a wide range of work, from small decorative objects for the home to custom private commissions including weathervanes, custom tables, garden sculptures, wall sculptures, mirrors, stove hoods, gates, and more. She enjoys doing commissions because of the interaction with clients in creating a unique work of art. By working directly with her clients and/or their designers, architects, and contractors, she can make sure their custom design compliments any current or future building plans.